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Street Knowledge book by King Adz (Collins publishing, Mark Batty Publishing, ISBN 978 0 00 731869-8, RRP 20.00) 320 pages

If you chuck a copy of Banksy's Wall and Piece book into your basket at Amazon it'll tell you that people who bought that book "also bought London Street Art". It's a sign of our times that companies like to pigeon hole us as being interested pretty much in just one thing at a time. If you like stencil graffiti you might also be interested in stencil graffiti is the basic premise of this idea. King Adz's latest book flips this idea on its head, his view is if you like Shepard Fairey you might also be interested in the origins of the rave scene in Ibiza or Harajuku style in Japan. Organised into an A to Z that takes you around the world he condenses his considerable street knowledge built up through extensive traveling into a pretty unique, near encyclopedic volume of what's worth checking out straight after you've cleared an airports Customs desk. 

Street artists do feature heavily throughout but every one of them here has something more to offer than just another screen print. The choice of artists is very selective and includes those who very much tread their own paths such as Vhils, Know Hope, Paul Insect and Ron English.  

Everything in this book is probably out there somewhere on the internet already but how long would it take to find it all? King Adz does the hard work for you with just enough on each subject to get you wanting to find out more.    


Street Knowledge - King Adz

Street Knowledge book by King Adz


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