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Graffiti Japan - Remo Camerota (Mark Batty Publishing, 144 pages)

Melbourne based writer and photographer Remo became interested in Japan's thriving graffiti scene via the global leveler that is the Internet. Hooking up with Hiroshima's Suiko he spent months traveling around the country's hotspots, crashing on the floors of writers such as Emar and taking over 10,000 photos on the way. The results of which have been distilled down into this colourful and insightful volume. The body of work in this book are street pieces and more hard to find spots by some of Japan's most recognised artists. A small section near the end rounds up work by overseas artists who had work up during Remo's time in the country. There's a wealth of impressive paint and some great photography all of which make this book an ideal introduction into Japan's graffiti scene.

Featuring: Belx2, Sklawl, Missile, Suiko, Emar, Tenga/3AM, SCA, Kress, Fate, Phil, Shizentomotel, Hitotzuki, QP/HS/STM/MSK/T7L, Esow.

Work from Hiroshima, Osaka, Kanagawa, Yokohama, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Tokyo.

ISBN 978-0-9790486-7-8

Graffiti Japan

Graffiti Japan - Remo Camerota


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