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Ever since the railways arrived in London they have shaped the capital. Their story is intrinsically linked to the history of London and there are many relics both used and disused that give clues to the past life of this city. These pages tell some of these stories through relics that are still visible today.



London Underground 
Brompton Road (disused) 
Aldwych (disused)
Waterloo & City Line
Underground Pioneer (150 years)
Boston Manor Signal Box
Art Deco on the Underground

West London Branch lines
Staines to West Drayton 
Southall to Brentford
West Drayton to Uxbridge
West Ealing to Greenford
Uxbridge High Street to Denham 

Other Railway Relics
Slough to Windsor branch line
Maidenhead Boyne Hill station
Feltham Mashalling Yards
Feltham Station
Feltham Cavalry Tunnel 
Richmond - old BR posters

Steam specials around London

Other London photos



brompton_road_1.jpg (173413 bytes) Brompton Road disused London Underground Station the_strand_model_station.jpg (155902 bytes) The Strand (Aldwych) disused London Underground station

metropolitan_no_1.jpg (210712 bytes)

The Underground Pioneer steam special to commemorate 150 years of the London Underground

waterloo_and_city.jpg (112151 bytes)

Waterloo and City Line - the lesser spotted parts of the line

EX GWR BRANCH LINES, open and closed

staines_west_station.jpg (147447 bytes) Staines to West Drayton - a disused GWR West London Branchline sleeper_pressure_treating_vessel.jpg (162049 bytes) West Drayton to Uxbridge - a disused GWR West London Branchline

three_bridges.jpg (205739 bytes)

Southall to Brentford branchline - a partially surviving GWR West London Branch line

drayton_green.jpg (134509 bytes)

West Ealing to Greenford - a GWR Branchline survivor

Windsor_to_slough.jpg (164787 bytes)

Slough to Windsor branch line

denham_railway_bridge.jpg (215938 bytes)

Uxbridge High Street to Denham branch line    
maidenhead_boyne_hill_station.jpg (160876 bytes) Maidenhead - Boyne Hill Station


feltham_yards_1.jpg (188284 bytes) Feltham Marshalling Yards were once one of the busiest in the country feltham_calvary_tunnel.jpg (149798 bytes) Feltham Cavalry Tunnel
feltham_station.jpg (118922 bytes) Feltham Station in West London has had three main entrances - and they are all still there southern_open_and_shut_poster.jpg (153168 bytes) Richmond Station - Old railway posters resurface in 2011