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Broken Bones - punk band, Another Winter Of Discontent

Broken Bones played their first gig for two years at the Another Winter Of Discontent punk festival on Feb 28th 2013. And they tore the place apart with a storming set heavily reliant on their early body of work. Kicking off in fine style with Problem they rampaged their way through an hours worth of material feeding off the crowd and upping the already intense atmosphere of the bands earlier on the bill. Slower numbers were few and far between but Standing On The Outside stood out amongst an onslaught of thrashers. Of course set favourites, Seeing Through My Eyes, Decapitated and Teenage Kamikaze left the crowd baying for more. And they duly delivered repeating a couple of songs when they'd run through everything they had rehearsed. It's quite a feat to play this hard for an hour but it was quite obvious they still had more in the tank at the end and would have carried on had the lights not come up. What a start to AWOD 2013!  

More pics from the show including other bands from the event up on the site soon.

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Broken Bones feature in the booking Burning Britain:


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Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Broken Bones at Another Winter Of Discontent, Feb 28th 2013