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Anti Pasti - punk band, Another Winter Of Discontent

Anti Pasti had a damn difficult spot to fill being the closing act on Sunday night, after four days of gigs and at a time when lots of the crowd were thinking about those last trains home. Plus they had to follow the Subhumans who had just delivered a phenomenal crowd pleasing set. But you know this band ain't cowed by such problems taking to the stage in a confident mood. Singer Martin Roper was soon encouraging those occupying the back of the hall to come forward as they went through a decent workout of old classics and at least one new one to the these ears. The number of great songs they culled from 'The Last Call' and their early singles made me realise just how underrated this band were. Great to hear favourites like 'No Government' and 'Another Dead Soldier' live too. So much more energy than the recordings. 

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Anti Pasti are featured in the book Burning Britain:


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Anti Pasti - Another Winter Of Discontent

Anti Pasti at Another Winter Of Discontent, March 3rd 2013