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I caught Dirty Love playing with Abrasive Wheels and Refuse/All in London at the Kings Arms, Acton. They feature long serving members of other punk bands such as Menace, UK Subs and Case. I never got to hear Case themselves but I remember their graffiti campaign around London in the early eighties - in fact in Southwark you can still find 'Case' on a wall - it's a punk rock classic.

Anyway, back to the point. As far as I can tell Dirty Love play a 77 style punk rock with lyrics about sex, guys not knowing what to do to please a woman during sex and err, more songs about sex.  They had a great banter with the crowd and knocked out some decent tunes along the way. I should have bought their CD - then I could have told you more! 

All photographs copyright artofthestate 2005 / 2011

Dirty Love

Dirty Love, Kings Arms, Acton