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The Urban Traveller's Sketchbook - King Adz 

A different book this one - by design there's very little in it apart from a foreword by King Adz and several pages of artwork by Hush. The rest is just blank paper with a page marker band stretched over the front. So this is not going to be the longest review in the world - what you get is a fair sized travelling sketchbook with 180 odd pages of decent quality paper (and lots of it) with some "go for it" style text from King Adz at the front. It's well built and of course there are plenty of other alternatives out there but really this is a great way to start documenting your travels and maybe pick up a few 'black book' sketches on the way. Well that's how I'm using my copy anyway....

ISBN 978-0-500-51467-2

The Urban Traveller's Sketchbook -King Adz & Hush

The Urban Traveller's Sketchbook -King Adz & Hush


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