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If you have a graffiti / street art related show to publicise in London send the details to info@artofthestate.co.uk - if possible include an electronic version of the  flyer. It's always wise to check if the show is on and timings with the venue before you travel if you're coming from out of town. Most of the text on this page is taken from press releases....
ENDED Topsafe present 'Cracked'.  Showcasing all new work from Roid,  Horfe, Finsta, Emilski, Dreph, Egs, Will Robson Scott, Seb Gorey and Jamie Brown. At 10-11 Lancashire Court, New Bond Street, Mayfair, London. December 7th to 12th 2009
ON NOW Inkie presents Flying Eyeball's Exhibition and Pop Up Shop featuring original artwork from Goldie, Shoe, Inkie, Eine, Chu, She One, Mysterious Al, Pure Evil, Zeus, Hush, MauMau, Kid Acne, Steff Plaetz, Sickboy, Will Barras, Shok-1, Xens, RYCA, David Walker, Insa, Mr Jago, China Mike, Part2ism, George Morton Clark, Ben Allen, Milk, Dora, Andy Council and Don. On at 27 Cork Street, Mayfair, London.   From December 9th 2009
ENDED Sickboy presents 'Logopop' With ‘Logopop,’  Launching an eye-watering visual assault on audiences using installations and digital technology, Sickboy introduces a series of dynamic and surprising show features which have become a hallmark of this artist. December 16th 2009 only
ENDED The Signal Gallery have a pre Christmas group show 'Mixed Signals' featuring work not seen before from 17 artists that have been represented by the gallery. Including C215, Jef Aerosol, Armsrock, Labrona and SPQR. 4th December to 19th December 2009 (Tuesday to Saturday only)
ENDED 'Total Rewall' - The Cans Tunnel (Leake Street, Waterloo) is getting a very temporary makeover when 32 photographers are re-covering the walls with their giant photographic interpretations of city walls normally inaccessible to graffiti writers. Once installed they are inviting people to make their mark on the pictures as they see fit.   From 4th December 7pm to December 10th 2009
ON NOW 'Grifters' group show at the Lazarides gallery in Rathbone Place and plenty of locations all around London's streets. Bringing 'outsiders' such as Vhils, Invader and David Choe outside once again and taking over the four floors of the gallery itself including a special reworking of the staircase by Lucy McLauchlan. Opens 3rd December 2009 to 16th January 2010
ENDED Solo show by Stik at the Mile End Art Pavilion, Clinton Road (off Grove Road), E35bh (near Mile End tube on the Central line). Open 12-6pm December 5th to to December 20th (except Mondays) 2009
ON NOW Picturesonwalls presents The Fiesta Resistance - A Latin American street art showdown featuring a full set by the Date Farmers, Saner and Smithe live from Mexico City. Lots of new POW prints (including Banksy's No Ball Games and a great print by Dran, adult pinatas, palm trees and mezcal. Keep an eye on POW for the latest details....   Open December 4th to December 23rd 2009
ENDED Art for Kunst offers art pieces from artists such as Aida, Dora, Mac1, Juice 126, Dscreet, Faith47, Plimsoul and Zoot. AfK will be selling 10 designs in special edition, limited run (50 per design) gift packs comprising an artist T-shirt (S, M, L or XL) and an A6 framed print. Each gift pack retails at £60. At the Old Truman Brewery’s All I Want for Christmas market.  From Thursday 26th November until 20th December 2009
ENDED At the Lazarides gallery - Conor Harrington's 'Headless Heroes' continues his exploration into masculinity and power, Conor's new paintings and drawings combine historical re-enactment, F1 pit-stops, text and glamour models. At Lazarides, Rathbone Place. 30th October to 26th November 2009
ENDED Signs of Revolt - a group show subtitled 'Creative Resistance and Social Movements since Seattle' is on at Shop 14, at the entrance of the Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London. Artists include kennardphillips, Space Hijackers, War Boutique and Indymedia. Opens on Friday 13th November through to Sunday 22nd November
ENDED STIK is putting on a month long graffiti extravaganza - with live painting from the likes of MILO, Run, Elate, Scabbage, Teddy (Mutoid) Baden and the legendary Fuel. At the Arts Pavilion, Mile End Park, Clinton Road (off Grove Road) Tower Hamlets, E3 5BH.    Open from Wednesday 4th to Sunday 29th December (Wednesdays till Sundays midday til 6pm all month long)
ENDED Death By Daylight presents 'The Lock Up' - selection of works from Nick Walker, Goldie, Jef Aerosol, Mau Mau, Inkie, Beejoir, Jamie Reed, K-Guy, David Whittaker, Ben Moore, Pam Glew, RYCA, Stedhead, Prole, Fin Dac and Spanna at The Lock Up, Eastcastle House, 27-28 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DH. More details on eddielock Friday 20th November to Thursday 10th December (check site for opening times).
ENDED 'Blink' - Tek33, Cept and Sweet Toof join forces for a short sharp shock of a show at the Brick Lane Gallery Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November 2009 only
ENDED Mutate Britain returns to the Grove early December for another installment.   From December 4th to December 20th 2009, Ladbroke Grove (location details as before)
ENDED Trans1 solo show 'Urban Soldier Off The Wall' - a retrospective show of canvas and blackbook sketches. 284 Portobello Road, London W10 5TE. (Tel: 0203 181 0000. Nearest tubes: Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Park, Notting Hill Gate). More details on graffiklondon.co.uk Friday 27th Nov to Saturday 6th December
ENDED 'Shades of Things To Come' European show with Aryz, Biser, Bom.K, Does, Nychos, Probs, Rabodiga,and Tizer. At the Maverik Showroom, 68-72 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP. More details here. Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th November 2009
ENDED RJ from Vandalog 'The Thousands' show features original wall work from Burning Candy alongside off street work from the likes of Banksy, Swoon, Faile, Os Gemeos, Nick Walker, Judith Supine and Herakut. Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, London, EC2A   Opens Weds November 18th (6-10pm), Thursday 11-9pm, Friday 11-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 11-7pm
ENDED Squarity launch with a group show with Matt Small, Eine, Inkie, Will Barras, Insa, RYCA, David Walker, China Mike and Jo Peel. All of the artists worked to the same brief 'Bas Relief' and the work will be displayed at the Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard Street, London. Private view on 5th November - check site for public opening times
ENDED Back in November 2008 Green Day commissioned an amazing group of 18 artists to produce a single piece of artwork each to illustrate a song on their 21st Century Breakdown album. The results will be displayed at Stolen Space gallery. Artists involved include Pisa73, Meggs, Ron English, M-City, Sadhu, Sixten, The London Police, Will Barras, Broken Crow, Eelus and Lucamaleonte 23rd October to 1st November 2009
ENDED Adam Neate 'A New Understanding' at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. Best known for his use of cardboard and aerosol paint, this new series of paintings have taken on a 3D sculptural quality by further incorporating perspex, metal, collage and other sourced objects, demonstrating his innate understanding of composition, perspective and movement whilst still retaining his impeccable line.  9th October to 21st November 2009
ENDED 'Moving On' - a solo show from Waleska Nomura whose work spans the globe from South America to (as I recently discovered) Worcester Park in Surrey! At the Brick Lane Gallery - see edgeart.co.uk 30th September to 4th October 2009
ON NOW Urban Angel presents 'Innocence' a solo show of new work from Hush. The Art Lounge, 41 - 43 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJ. From Friday 13th November 2009
ENDED 'The Brick Lane Zoo' featuring work by 15 international street and urban artists painting wild animals directly on to the walls of the Brick Lane gallery (196 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA). Includes Bortusk Leer, Snub23, Chanoir, Edina Tokodi, El Bocho, Grems, Jah7, Kenor, Macay, Mosko and Associes, Ben Metch, Neozoon, Pez, Roa and Rundontwalk. 8th October to 19th October 2009
ENDED Luc Price (aka Cyclops) has a solo show 'Jesus Help Me Find My Proper Place' at the Black Rat Press gallery in Rivington Street, Shoreditch. Luc has been transforming London's cityscape along with Sweet Toof over the past few years and this has more than likely resulted in his work often depicting the seedier side of life in the capital. October 15 to November 13, 2009
ENDED RareKind presents the first London solo show by Italian graffiti artist, Hunto. Best known for his cubist influenced canvases and delicate line drawings, Hunto introduces a unique quality to the graffiti art scene, marrying non-conformist 20th century art characteristics to the equally non-conformist medium of graffiti art. 19th to 22nd November 2009
ENDED Stolen Space present the UK premier solo show from world renowned female street artist Miss Van. A retrospective as well as a new body of work taking over two exhibition spaces, her largest solo show to date. 1st October to 18th October 2009
ENDED 'One Foot In The Grove' - the return of Mutate Britain hits the huge space under the West Way Bridge next to Portobello Road in West London in October. More details soon. If last years show is anything to go by this ones gonna rock. See the teaser video here. Starts 9th October 2009
ENDED Nuart 2009. OK so we can hardly call Stavanger, Norway 'North East London' but this wooden city on the Norwegian Fjords plays host to an exceptional street art each year. This year there's a heavy NY influence with work from Swoon, Judith Supine, Logan Hicks amongst those working the gallery and with a bit of luck the streets as well. Website here September 10th to October 9th 2009
ENDED 'Never Forever' - Copyright's first London show at Urban Angel's Art Lounge, 41-43 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ September 17th (buyers preview), then September 18th onwards
ENDED Invader 'Low Fidelity' show occupying the ground floor of Lazarides ground floor in Rathbone Place.  August 14th to September 12th 2009
ENDED Group graffiti show at the Muse at 269 Portobelo Road. Featuring Seize, CodeFCC, Snug, Solo One and Joe Rush (Mutoid Waste).  September 9th to September 20th (checkwith venue for opening days / times
ENDED 'Splash' at the famous 3.5m high walls in Aytoun Place, Stockwell is a graffiti event arranged by Eska and Pikto. Featuring live work from a whole host of graffiti artists including Ambre, Beej, Bonzai, Daz RK, Dep, Don, Ebee, Eska, Fark, Foundry, Pheks, Pikto, Teaser, Title and Trans1.   29th August 2009
ENDED 'Banksy Versus Bristol Museum'. Banksy's summer show opened on June 13th and runs for three months - check Banksy.co.uk for the latest updates and don't miss this one! Opens Saturday 13th June 2009 through to 31st August 2009
ENDED Pure Evil at the Pure Evil Gallery. Featuring a series of 5 American Landscape Paintings and Lost Innocence paintings upstairs… For those who choose to descend into the basement of the Pure Evil Gallery the show promises a trip inside the dark mind of Pure Evil. 
From August 13th 2009
ENDED All work is a kaleidoscopic mix of different materials placed on a 12" vinyl record, each piece bouncing from one to another. From urban artists including Hutch, Prefab and Asboluv, fine artists, to graphic designers and musicians. At the East End Arts Club. Saturday and Sunday 12 - 4pm from 6th September to 20th September 2009
ENDED Super Cans 2009 is on again in the Hobbit Pub in Southampton featuring live painting and beer. Featuring artists including Kev Munday, SPQR, Snub 23, Finbarr (DAC), Hutch, Eyesaw, Leeks, Fark FK, Stickee, 20/20 and more. Saturday July 25th 2009
ENDED 'The Show Must Go On' - Urban Angel's summer show featuring work including Copyright, Hush, Grafter, Best/Ever, Remi/Rough and Ian Strawn. Redchurch Street, E2, London. From Friday 17th July (Preview 16th July) 2009
ENDED Vhils at Lazarides, Rathbone Place. Vhils knocks chunks out of the pillars at the new Lazarides gallery - but don't worry it's all part of the show 'Scratching The Surface'. From 3rd July to 1st August 2009
ENDED 'The Skys The Limit' - Inkfetish, Rabodiga and Bonzai join forces for a show at Gallery 118 - 118 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2RR. 20th July to July 27th July 2009
ENDED Andy Seize 'Size Matters' on at Bash with a collection of canvases featuring super heroe's. At Bash Studios, 65-71 Scrutton Street, London EC2A 4PJ. 10th July to 13th July 2009
ENDED Pure Evil Gallery presents 'Metamorphosis' by Ortiz at 108 Leonard Street, London EC2 July 10th to August 2nd 2009
ENDED Bill London at the Rarekind Gallery. 'They Seek Him Here'.  "The cloak and dagger elements of purist graffiti ‘Wild Style’ with delicate aesthetic elements and layering to create hypnotic final pieces, which can be appreciated on infinite levels". Sounds alright! 10th July to Friday 31st July 2009
ENDED Zero Cool is a new street art shop off Carnaby Street. Featuring paintings, prints and bric-a-brac from artists including Asbestos, Copyright, Ben Frost, Hush, Meggs, Tasso, The London Police, Zoot and many more.  June 13th to June 28th 2009
ENDED Rowdy 'Never Smile At A Crocodile' at Sartorial Contemporary Art. Expect to see Rowdy's unique take on urban living and landscape in the form of his legendary boulders, abstract cityscapes and of course the ubiquitous crocs 4th June to 27th June 2009
ENDED Je T'aime - five emerging French artists (Dran, Bom K, Remy Uno, Jaw and Heng) have work on display at the Pure Evil Gallery 5th June to 6th July 2009
ENDED Trespassers Of The World Unite - The Toasters hook up with NellyDuff and 15 artists to create a unique show. Toasters with Dicy, Paris, Butch, Late, Bomb, Ekoe, Zime, Crackrock, Influenza, space3, Mr Jago, Will Barras, Erosie, Phet15 and Rabodiga 28th May to 13th June 2009
ENDED Studio Amour presents 1000 Nights at the Rarekind Gallery, Bethnal Green Road. Featuring screen printed, textile graffiti art from Nylon, Pref, Fary, Kid Acne, Elph, Dibo, Dora, Paris and Solo One. From 11th June 2009
ENDED Meeting of Styles 2009 - Free block party and graffiti jam in Sclater Street Car Park, London. Massive two day live painting event featuring a massive array of artists including Bonzai, Probs, Town, Cheo, Relay, Pref, Replete and Sares. See Endoftheline 5th and 6th June 2009
ENDED Snub23, Farkfk and ASBOluv from the Grafik Warfare crew will be appearing at Chew The Fat at London Bridge Arches where they will be painting one off pieces. More details here. Friday 29th May 2009
ENDED 1loveart.com presents 'How To: Start a Revolution'. Featuring original art from Starchild, The Art Tart, Levi C, Bonnie & Clyde, Dora, Milk, DAN, The Krah, Static, Tmajik, Jim Starr, MYNE, DM, Gastro, LL Brainwashed, Michelle Barker, Alison Black, Simon Mills, Rachel Bright, 3megabits, Whitty, Gina, Marl Hooley. Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Rd, W10 5JJ 25th May to 11th June 2009
ENDED The L13 Light Industrial Workshop and private Ladies and Gentlemans club for Art Leisure and the disruptive betterment of culture opens. Featuring work from Billy Childish, Harry Adams, James Cauty and Jamie Reid.   Opening night 29th May 
ENDED Nick Walker solo show 'A Sequence Of Events' at Black Rat Press From Thursday 28th May 2009
ENDED Stolenspace present Californian Jeff Soto's 'Inland Empire' solo show with over 20 new paintings on wood panels.   From 14th May to June 7th 2009
ENDED Slinkachu solo show at Andipa. Entitled 'Whatever Happened To The Men Of Tomorrow' it shows through photographs of tiny models what happens to superheroes when they lose their powers and become fat and middle aged. From Thursday 4th June to Saturday 27th June 2009
ENDED Steve Lazarides opens his new five storey Georgian House gallery in Rathbone Place, London. Kicking off proceedings will be the Outsiders show featuring new work including Vhils, Antony Micallef, Conor Harrington, JR, Bast and Faile. From 2pm 15th May, 2009
ENDED Ron English 'Lazarus Rising' at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms - his first UK solo show featuring some of his 'most finest and provocative work to date. 8th May to 6th June 2009
ENDED Tunnel 228, Waterloo, London, 2009. The 'brainchild' of Kevin Spacey features work by by Vhils, Antony Micallef, Slinkachu and Polly Morgan in association with experimental theatre company Punchdrunk. Set in old disused Victorian tunnels underneath the lines entering Waterloo station its a mix of performance and urban art. Book here (you need an allocated time slot). From Friday 8th May for 15 days, booking essential
ENDED Andipa have an unofficial and unauthorised show featuring pieces from their Banksy collection including 'Are You Using That Chair' from the Crude Oils exhibition. Thursday 23 April – Saturday 16 May 2009
ENDED Rarekind "the UK's first and only 100% graffiti gallery" has its opening night Thursday 7th May). 49 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA. First show features work by Tizer, Joe Holebroook, Zombie, Amanda Greenidge, Akit, Jimi Crayon, Nychos, Discotec and Dibo Thursday 7th May 2009 (opening night)
ENDED 'A Show In That Nice Old Bank In The Corner' - group show from ap-art.co.uk featuring work from Code FC, Inkie and Jef Aerosol. 133 - 137 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RS. Thursday 7th May (opening night). May 4th to June 28th 2009
ENDED A call to cans 'Brighton Street Blitz' wants to turn Brighton into a huge open air art gallery in answer to the cities ongoing gentrification. More on streetblitz.org  1st to 31st May 2009
ENDED Art In Mind at the Brick Lane Gallery. A group show featuring work by Krah, Hero, Marlene-B, Katina Riba, Karl Anthoney, Bex Massey, David Barnes, Dolunay Magee, Faba, Gintallia Finlayson-Frost, Herman Noordermeer, Ziron Ben Arzi and Tomas Tokle 30th April to 11th May
ENDED I-Lib (I Lurk In Bushes) Debut Solo Show - 7th May @ StellaDore, Shoreditch From 7th May 2009
ENDED The London Police have a new show  '10 Years On The Circle Line' starting at Stolen Space. 9th April to the 26th April 2009
ENDED Pure Evil presents 'April Fools' at a South Kensington location - 1-5 Exhibition Road, South Kensington, SW7 2HE. Group show working at Dran, Benjamin Wright, Pure Evil, Eine, Bom.k, Tom Hine, Beatrice Brown, Sten and Lex, Matthew Curry, Holly Thoburn and Vault49.    2nd April to 30th April 2009

(private view 1st April)

ENDED '2000 And Down' group show at Urban Angel. The name of the show comes from the fact that every piece of art will be under £2000 with some being considerably lower. Featured artists include Best / Ever, Copyright, George Morton Clark, Grafter, Holly Thoburn, Hush, Ian Strawn, Inkie, Jonathan Kimbrell, Juice 126, Klone, Laser 3.14, Marco Grassi / Pho, Michael Offner, Oliver Wiconcek, System, Toad and Zeus. 41-43 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJ. Preview Saturday 4th and 5th April 2009, show runs until 16th May 2009
ENDED Sheffield's Kid Acne has a solo show 'Smoke & Mirrors' at Stella Dore. Promising a concoction of iconography and imagery inspired by sources such as Freemasonry, Demonology and Paganism the fun will be at 47 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3QB. April 3rd to April 25th 2009 (Private view April 2nd)
ENDED Dr D solo show 'H.M.P. Brighton the art of control' - at the Hotel Pelirocco, Regency Square, Brighton.  26th March to 7th May 2009
ENDED XC - "22 artists, 1 sculptor and a shit load of paint". With Absoluv, Ben Slow, Blam, Bonzai, Dan Kitchener, Dan, Fark FK, Finbarr (DAC), Grafter, K-Guy, Lucky, Phil'n'Dave, Masonstormhead, Neverwork, Oliver Winconek, Rourke Van Dal, Ryca, Snik, Snub 23, SPQR, Stickee, Trans 1, T.wat and Twesh. 90 Mountgrove Road, N5, London. More details here. 10th to 24th April 2009
ENDED Graffiti Argentina is a really cool book looking at the emerging graffiti scene in, well, Argentina. You can find a review of it here. The UK premiere of the book will be at 
the Pure Evil gallery in London, where special guest Argentine artist Caru and UK artist Roughe will join forces to make an original abstract graffiti piece. 
Fenna Rhodes along with his celebrated hip hop band True Ingredients (UK), will be in charge of the night’s beats. More details here
Fri 27th March 2009 7pm to 10pm.
ENDED Word To Mother solo show 'Lost For Words' at Stolenspace. His third show at this gallery it features mixed media applications on wood including several handmade boxes with secret contents.  19th March to 5th April 2009
ENDED Panik (ATG) at the Pure Evil gallery. The first major solo show from London's rooftop king. Covering two floors and with a special project room with work from the rest of the ATG crew 5th March to 26th March 2009
ENDED? Dr D's H.M.P. London Brainwash Launderette, 
222 Bethnal Green Road, London, Special events on the opening night - then it returns to being a launderette but with a art display. 

Thursday 5th March, 7pm onwards, No guest list required, bring your own booze, music. 
ENDED Stella Dore present their first solo show featuring Pam Glew's bleached work on flags and fabric.  6th March to 21st March 2009
part2ism ENDED Part2ism solo show 'Artillery For Pleasure' at Urban Angel  Friday 6th March to to Monday 16th March 2009
ENDED 1Loveart present Dora, Paris, Milk ,Motorboy, Starchild, Sickboy, The Art Tart, Felix FLX Braun, Eelus, GhostBoy, KGuy, Floyd, Nick Walker, Tmajik, Jim Starr, DM, Gastro, LL Brainwashed, Michelle Barker, Alison Black, Hine, Simon Mills, Richard Heslop, Rachel Bright, 3 Megabits, Paul Whitfield upstairs at the Nelly Dean, Dean Street, Soho  Sat 28th Feb to 22nd March 2009
ENDED Art In Mind featuring a regular stencil artist over the past few years - Code FC - and 9 other artists (Robert Burton, Lizzie Cantopher, Bart Fiekens, Marcus Marritt, Jenny Enticknap, Sue Carter Gadd, David Fitschen, Marijana Zebeljan and Alba Fandino. At the Brick Lane Gallery. 18th February to 2nd March 2009
ENDED Steal From Work launch their new "The Long Arm Gallery' space in Bristol with a solo show entitled Galaxy Rays from Cept.    Sat 21st February to Friday 13th March 2009
copyright ENDED XXI - a group show featuring original artworks from 21 artists including work directly from Copyright, Hush, Remi Rough and Zeus. Urban Angel, The Art Lounge, 41-43 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJ 6th February to 27th February 2009
five four ENDED Cheer Up You Rotters - Bortusk Leer and Five Four collide in a sea of neon colours inside the Brick Lane Gallery, 196 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA 5th February to 16th February 2009
part2ism ENDED Prophet or Pro£it with Juice 126, Part2ism, Remi/Rough and System at the Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH 6th February to 26th February 2009
ENDED Sweet Toof solo show at Sartorial Contemporary Art, 26 Argyle Square, London, WC1H 8AP.  Jan 13th to Feb 4th 2009
ENDED Via Brick Lane - An Italian Street Art retrospective. A group show of Italian artists.
Via Brick Lane E1 will present a selection of original canvases, drawings and site specific installations from 9 artists including 108 from Alessandria, El Gato Chimney, Orticanoodles, Ozmo, Pho, Santy and Termine Growth from Milan, Lucamaleonte and the Sten/Lex duo from Rome. At the Brick Lane Gallery.
 12th December 2008 - 5th January 2009
KIND OF ENDED* Cans Festival, Leake Street tunnel, near Waterloo, London. Official site here thecansfestival. * Update 04/02/2009 The walls in the tunnel are being constantly reworked by a variety of artists (and varying talent)!    



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