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New Street Art by Claude Crommelin, published by Vivays Publishing, ISBN 978-1908126511, 272 pages, medium format (21 x 21cm), full colour. 

If you've not clocked it above this books weighs in with a hefty 272 pages of the best street art that London has had to offer in recent times. Photographer and author Claude Crommelin has an unusual background of being a fine art gallery photographer and something of an ornithologist. Oddly enough these skills translate very well to street art photography which has a tendency to attract those who are drawn to an art form that can only often be spotted for a few days or hours and likes to be recorded in sharp focus. Every piece featured is captured in crystal clear detail, perfectly exposed and beautifully presented. Whilst this forms a high quality reproduction of the art in question sometimes you'd like to see a wider shot too to give it some context. That's a small quibble though, this is an extensive and exhaustive a-z romp through a galaxy of artists that have worked in and on London in recent years. It's also full of the authors anecdotes and is supplemented by occasional insights into the minds of the artists involved.   





New Street Art by Claude Crommelin

New Street Art - Claude Crommelin


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