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Banksy 'If Graffiti Changed Anything - It Would Be Illegal'   

There's an old saying 'If Voting Changed Anything - It Would Be Illegal' and this latest banksy piece is a direct riff on that. Found in the the Fitzrovia district above Oxford Street in London and just round the corner from the Post Office Tower and a pretty large squat it first came to attention around the end of April 2011. A fully fledged Banksy rat had previously been a pretty rare sight in London for a few years before this one appeared (with the exception of one on the canal at Camden). This chap has paint all over its left paw and had put a print on the wall.

It was painted on a wall covered with flaking paint which would make it a tricky job to steal and more than likely will reduce its life expectancy.

And yes, real graffiti does have the power to effect change, however small - and it works best when its illegal....

STATUS: Still running but under perspex

photo: artofthestate.co.uk 2011


Banksy - If Graffiti Changed Anything - It Would Be Illegal

Banksy 'If Graffiti Changed Anything - It Would Be Illegal'


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